Discover the specialities of Hungarian gastronomy with the Tati farm-to-table tasting menu

If you visit Hungary, one thing is certain: you cannot miss the magical flavors of Hungarian cuisine! The Michelin-recommended Tati farm-to-table restaurant has created a tasting menu that guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience. This menu was dreamed up by Tati’s chef, Gábor Soóky, featuring classic and popular Hungarian dishes that will captivate the hearts of anyone who visits here. Moreover, every dish is made from fresh, local ingredients, ensuring that you get the best in every bite.

The Menu

Brown Butter Celery

This refreshing spring-summer dish is a true flavor bomb. The butter from Csengő Manufaktúra is cooked over low heat until we obtain a brown butter with a nutty aroma, then we confit the celery in it. After cooling, it is drizzled with sage syrup from Szöjpkő Manufaktúra. The dish is uniquely garnished with dehydrated, fermented red cabbage powder, which adds a tangy flavor. The herb sauce, containing green peppers, celery, green apple, tarragon, and mint, mixed with fig leaf syrup, enhances the dish’s character. Pickled elderflower, chervil, and sweet woodruff oil adorn the plate.


The Tati goulash starts with classic foundations. The neck meat of grey cattle from Szomor farm is used, along both smoked and sweet varieties of Fajsz paprika. The soup is prepared with root vegetables, dumplings, and roasted new potatoes. It is served with fresh English celery and parsley to preserve the traditional flavors while also adding freshness to the dish.

Chicken Paprikash

For the chicken paprikash, we use roasted chicken bones to enhance the intense chicken flavor of the sauce. The sauce is thickened with sour cream from Csengő Manufaktúra, and at serving, sour cream and herb oil are added to it. The dumplings are made with sour cream, making the dough softer, which we then fry and add butter to it. The dish is served with fresh chives and ground pepper, giving the traditional flavors new dimensions.


The Transylvanian lamb leg comes from Berke Manufaktúra, where the animals graze freely. The meat is prepared by slow roasting, brined in a salt solution, and then seared in a smoking pan. We cook it in a vegetable base made from tomato purée and red wine for 3 hours, keeping the precious juices in the meat. For serving, the meat is glazed and jus is added to ensure every bite of the lamb is perfect. The side dish is curd polenta, grated with semi-hard cheese from Baracska. The pickled wild garlic seeds give the dish a unique tangy flavor.

Cottage Cheese Dumplings

These cold cottage cheese dumplings have a base of semolina and Csengő Manufaktúra’s crumbly cottage cheese. Inside the dumpling is a white chocolate mousse, making it even creamier. We roll it in toasted breadcrumbs, then serve it with sweet sour cream from Csengő Manufaktúra, strawberry jam from Szöjpkő Manufaktúra, micro basil from Bedrock Farm, and meringue. Sweet pumpkin seed crumble is placed under the dumpling, adding exciting texture to the dish.

The Tati farm-to-table restaurant’s tasting menu is a true culinary journey, showcasing the best of Hungarian cuisine prepared from fresh, local ingredients. If you want to experience the diversity and authenticity of Hungarian flavors, don’t miss this special menu!